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Mad Destination Expert

Mudeford _
PostSubject: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 10:33 am

Mudeford is at the estuary of the river Avon near Christchurch Bournemouth, we decide to stay there for our 40th anniversary. On arrival in the evening some of the views not far from the hotel grounds

Mudeford 00111

Mudeford 00211

Mudeford 00310

After a lovely meal and breakfast the next morning we decided to try a walk to Bournemouth. Mudeford has a small peninsular which leads up
to the river mouth.

Mudeford 00910

At the head, there is the Haven Inn, where we once made a mistake of having lunch and the portions were so large it nearly spoilt our evening

Mudeford 01011

Across the river is Hengisbury Head which can be accessed by ferry

Mudeford 03110

Now on Hengistbury Head, I believe they have the most expensive beach huts in the country and the last one to be sold fetched over £50,000.

Mudeford 01910

and once over this side of the river one can walk all of the way to Bournemouth

Mudeford 02010

At this point it becomes a wetland area and good for wildlife, an inland lake.

Mudeford 02110

Taking the higher ground one gets a view of the river Avon as it winds up to Christchurch

Mudeford 02312

Well Bournemouth seemed to get further away, so we settled for a plate of fish and chips in a cafe before returning back to the hotel for our evening meal

Mudeford 02610

Mudeford 02912

We have friends that live at Barton-on-sea so we thought it would be a nice surprise for them if we knocked on their door.

So again, after a lovely evening meal and a hearty breakfast we set off around Mudeford Quay and walked along the beach until we reached a place called Highcliffe Castle a grade 1 listed building which caters for weddings

Mudeford 04010

It had very nice grounds and lots of flowers

Mudeford 03911

Mudeford 04210

Mudeford 04311

Mudeford 04411

It also had a tea room with cream teas to die for whilst views of the Needles on the IOW (sorry blurred pic)

Mudeford 04111

Well the traveller's suitably refreshed and still with jam around my face, we walked for miles until the path ran out and discovered it was another mile to Barton-on-sea. So we consoled ourselves with a plate of burgers and chips in a restaurant by the road

Mudeford 04510

and walking back the same way until we reached our hotel. That evening we had a lovely meal and a superb breakfast and wandered in the grounds
reflecting why after all that walking had we not lost a pound between us.

Mudeford 05310

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Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 10:44 am

What a fantastic section this is turning out to be. photographer Another great review, with stunning photo's Delboy. :-bd:

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Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 11:19 am

fantastic ,I love coming on here and looking at the photos ,Im gonna have to get cracking with mine

Mudeford Ezgif_13
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Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 1:18 pm

Nice pics del, me and a few friends did a few days walking in that area a couple of years back.

Mudeford Ssheep11
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Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 1:25 pm

Oh those lovely colours of the flowers - doesn't it remind you of summer in these cold dark winter days bravo
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MF joke teller

Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 2:41 pm

great photo's and a brilliant review del,well laid out and very informative.
you put mine to shame,you'll have to teach me how to do it properly santa
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Mad Destination Expert

Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitimeThu Dec 23, 2010 5:13 pm

Our first time visit to Mudeford

A fishing boat tied up ready to load the lobster pots

Mudeford Dscf0212

The pots could been seen stacked along the quayside

Mudeford Dscf0213

We took a stroll along the jetty to the Mudeford sands

Mudeford Dscf0214

In the distance the Needles Rocks of the Isle of Wight

Mudeford Dscf0215

Mudeford Dscf0216

This is a view from the Avonmouth Hotel, these grounds no longer exists as they were sold for a flat development, to fund a refurbishment programme at the hotel

Mudeford Dscf0217

And the little bunglows in the Hotel's grounds that now no longer exist

Mudeford Dscf0220

but that aside, a view to see the sun go down before dinner

Mudeford Dscf0218

The the evening light still gives a view looking out to Mudeford Quay and Hengistbury Head

Mudeford Dscf0219

Morning and the estuary is as calm as a mill pond

Mudeford Dscf0221

We decided to have a car trip into Poole harbour to see the main boats and have a trip to Poole Pottery (that now no longer exists)

Mudeford Dscf0223

Mudeford Dscf0222

We then had a trip further down the coast to Swanage, famous for its Corfe Castle

Mudeford Dscf0225

Mudeford Dscf0226

Then moving on to a place called Studland which is a headland that engulfs Poole Harbour

Mudeford Dscf0227

At the far end of the headland there is a chain ferry which takes one across to Sandbanks at Bounemouth, this is the home of football manager
Harry Redknapp, millionaires and posh hotels

Mudeford Dscf0228

And then back to our hotel for dinner

Mudeford Dscf0229

At the end of our stay we did a detour to visit Shaftesbury which is the scene of the famous TV ad for Hovis Bread

Mudeford Dscf0230

Mudeford Dscf0231

Mudeford Dscf0232

Finally just a look at the grounds now which supports a Gary Rhodes restaurant

Mudeford 04711

Mudeford 04910

And the Flat development progress................ hmmm

Mudeford 05110

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Mudeford _
PostSubject: Re: Mudeford   Mudeford Icon_minitime

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